We Back! (for a bit)

Thank you all so much for your patience while my life normalized. I got married! (woo!) and needed to just take some time to recover from 9+ months of wedding planning and  just sort of let my life normalize. Now we’re back and we’re going to finish out this little Merchant interlude.

A couple things to note:

Things may look a little off. I’ve moved off of Photoshop and into Procreate on the iPad, which will be the way I do things for the foreseeable future. Pardon my growing pains while we make this transition.

We will be going back on hiatus once this arc is done. Jimmy and I need to hammer out where we’re going next, and with the holidays coming up it’s just easier on both of us if we get that story stuff going, and then build up our buffer for next year. I think this might be the way we do things going forward, taking October-ish through January-ish off and then publishing the rest of the year. But we’ll see what life throws at us that might change that up.

While the comic is on hiatus I do still intend to make new merch, and I’m working on something to let you guys suggest things you’d want to see on shirts. Best to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates on that though.

Thanks for sticking around, as always.