Semi-Monthly Comic Recommendations!!

I wanted to take some time out from drawing stuff you guys aren’t going to see until October to talk about some more comics I’m really loving.

First up, I touched on this series in my last post about comics, but I thought I’d give it a little more elaboration: Insufferable.

Mark Waid is one of the best writers in comics. He’s been working since the late 80s and has worked on everything from the Justice League to Ka-Zar. Currently he’s pulling down two of the best runs of the recent Marvel Now relaunch with Daredevil and The Indestructible Hulk. But what many people may not know is that he’s building a small webcomic empire as well. Through his online-only imprint Thrillbent he’s brought together great artists and writers from all over comics and the internet to provide a ton of creator-owned, completely free comics of “buy-them-in-a-store-monthly” quality. Chances are pretty good there’s something for you at Thrillbent.

His own comic, Insufferable is a great series that flips that Hero/Sidekick dynamic around. Basically, what if Batman and Robin were father and son and grew up to hate each other because Batman stays vigilant and fights crime while Robin grows up to be a glory-hogging douche more interested in his public image than fighting crime. It’s very cool and I highly recommend checking it out. Chapter one, page one is here.

I’m also a really big fan of Arcanum, also on the Thrillbent imprint. Without giving too much away the basic premise is that in the future we have the technology to protect us against pretty much anything. Illness, terrorism, and cyber attacks are childs play. So what happens we get a full blown invasion of magic users? We get our buts kicked, is what happens. Arcanum updates every Monday and chapter one, page one is here.

I’ve saved my most recent webcomic discovery for last. Since ITYOTR launched I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a twitter friendship with Natasha Saville, the creator of the webcomic Tethered.

Like us, Tethered is a relatively new comic, so a lot of the story is a mystery so far. But what’s been revealed so far is right up my alley. In the future robots are a thing, and they’re not particularly well liked. It seems like they may have been essential to our survival at one point, but humanity has since collapsed. People scavenge to survive and toxic, hallucination-inducing green gas falls out of the sky every now and then. Long term exposure to the doom gas seems to kill most, but turn some people crazy. There’s mystery, unlikely partnerships and robots. It tweaks so many of my nerd knobs that I couldn’t not read it. Tethered updates every Tuesday and Friday and page one is here.

If you like what we’re doing here, you should definitely give these guys a look too. In the meantime, it’s back to the art mines for me.