Do Not Adjust Your Monitor!

You are not seeing things! This isn’t where you are when the LSD kicked in. After 4 months, it’s time to see some color!

This isn’t an all the time thing. You may have noticed there are some washed out colors in our previous pages, mostly blues and some browns in the building colors, but pages like this are very deliberate. More about this will be explained in the future and you’ll start seeing more color pages as the story progresses, but that’s all we’re really saying right now. I’m super excited for you guys to see how all of this unfolds.

So we were at C2E2 this year! I was kind of terrible about updating twitter and taking pictures, but if you follow us on Facebook you saw that Kate (Jimmy’s soon-to-be-wife,) Jimmy and I went as characters from Adventure Time. Kate and I were hipster interpretations of Finn and Lady Rainicorn, and Jimmy was Marshall Lee. It was a super low-key, last minute thing. We don’t put as much time into it as some of the more hardcore cosplayers but it’s still fun! Last year I was Last-Minute Hawkeye (purple t-shirt, white tape for bandages and I said things like “Okay, this looks bad” and “Awww  [noun]!” and people actually got it. Kate, on the other hand, put a lot of time and effort into a Vince Noir costume, and nobody recognized her. Which was a damn shame.

But anywho, because we were originally going to be hipsters Finn, Rainicorn AND Jake (Jimmy changed his mind, and I can’t really blame him. Too much orange) I designed some Hipster Adventure Time tattoos! It’s really no secret that I love Adventure Time, so this was a really fun little design challenge for me.

Click through for tattoos!

First up, I really liked the idea of Jake loving his Everything Burrito enough to get a tattoo. I mean, you see him bury it later in the same episode. It just seems fitting.


Then Kate asked for an anchor, and I figured, Lady Rainicorn is in some kind of semi ambiguous relationship with Jake. They’ve got kids, for chrissake. Why not make a Jake anchor? Janchor.


According to Google Translate, the Korean means “Husband” and if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me.

Finally, I wanted the most stereotypical thing I could think of for Finn. So we got this.


Think it’s pretty fitting, when you consider the Candy Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum. Anyway, these were just a nice little exercise in creating designs which might work within the continuity and style of Adventure Time.

So that’s all I’ve got for today!

Have I said thank you for sticking with us this long yet? I dunno.

Thank you.