Death of Comments

You guys remember like…5 months ago when I teased this character? Well he’s here, and it’s a mile a minute from here! Thanks for sticking around!

So, as of today our site will no longer be open to comments on all posts. It was a nice run, though.

We’ve done this for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s a response to the sheer amount of spam we have to go through. It’s ludicrous. We’re looking at a 2000::1 ratio of spam to actual comments, and even with filtering set up that doesn’t guarantee that all legitimate comments are seen or that all spam gets blocked.

On top of that, in this fast-paced, whizbang, internet-capable lifestyle we’re all living in there are much better ways to contact us if you want/need to say something to us about whatever. Plus, if there’s ever a situation where we’re actively asking you guys for comments, we can just turn comments back on for that specific post. No harm no foul.

Don’t take this as us not wanting to hear from you though. We know you’re out there and there’s a solid chance you’ve got questions, so we want  you to know that we WANT to hear from you. Don’t ever feel like you’re bothering us, we’ll happily answer whatever questions you’ve got even if it’s the hundredth time we’ve answered it.

That’s all for now, but I’m hoping to do another Weekly Webcomic recommendation this week, so keep your eyes peeled!