State of the Webcomic

My fellow ITYOTR readers…

Hey guys! Long time no…appreciable blog post to speak of. Sorry, stuff’s been kinda busy, getting stuff made and drawing things and whatnot.

Comics are continuing to be written and drawn. Bunnies are adorable. I’m currently dog-sitting so puppies are equally as adorable, if not moreso. As for this page, those signs actually all say things! I don’t remember all of them, but one of them is “General Store” and another is “Things you can buy” I think. It’s the little details, folks.

I’m excited for this arc you guys. The main conflict really kicks off on Wednesday and it’s just up and down and “What!?” and “No…” and “daaaaaayum” from there. I’m super pumped.

Something else I want to make sure everyone knows about. While We have a TON of buffer left (til September, right now. Plus I’m able to produce about 2.5 pages a month on average) I do want to make you guys aware that we do plan on taking a month off now and again to allow me to keep up production. We’ll try to make sure these months off are scheduled and that you guys are aware. But, because we love you, even these off months will have content! Our first break is going to be July and there’ll be a little 2 page story but we also want to share some of the “Making Of” content with you. What early pages looked like, early character designs, my failed attempts at drawing bunnies before I got what little handle on it that I currently have. It’ll be neat!

Also, did you know that we’ll be at C2E2? We won’t have like…a booth or anything. We can’t afford that, yet. But Jimmy and I will both be there! We might dress up, we might not. The best way to know and find us would be to follow @InstantEvil (that’s me personally) and @ITYOTR_Comic on Twitter. We’ll update when/where we’ll be and what we’re dressed up as in case anyone out there who might be making the trip to Chicago want to say hi!

That’s all for me. Super pumped for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes tomorrow and the new Infamous on Friday, so you’ll probably wind up hearing about those at some point in time.