AMA – July

So, because our site is mostly cobbled together using WordPress and plugins and sometimes things work oddly, I wanted to make sure we acknowledged the, so far, only question we’ve received for our July Ask Us Anything endeavor!

On July 9th, Devina asked:

For AMA -> Do you guys own a bun of your own?”

to which Jimmy replied:

My wife and I have a four year old Holland lop named Trouble. He’s the inspiration for the comic, but I suspect that he would hate the long road.”

Thanks for the question! It’s not too late, there’s still a few weeks left in the month so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…just like radio shack.



Intheyearoftherabbit [at] gmail [dot] com

Next week well…we’re still debating, we might actually update every day with our entire first chapter how it used to look, or just a couple pages with comparison. I haven’t really decided yet.

See you next week!