Valentimes 2: The Lovening

…Lovening sounds weird. I’m beginning to regret that word choice.

It’s that time of year, Valentine’s Day is Saturday and I was overcome with the spirit of Love and wanted to make some valentines for all of you hopeless romantics/creepy stalkers out there. This time last year all we had was…well…Kazuo, Little One and some thugs. So I did my best with what I had to get some cute little valentines made. The thugs didn’t make the Valentine’s cut…

It’s been a year though, and we’ve introduced some new characters so I wanted to showcase them, along with our adorable little bunny friend in this years round of valentines. ┬áIf you prefer the old valentines and you hate me for trying something new, you can find them here!

These are once again 100% guaranteed* to make your lady or man crush fall hopelessly in love with you!





Who could say no to that face?


That’s maybe slightly creepy and/or obsessive.


That heart belonged to a Gem Giant