Interludes – Remember that time when Tyler couldn’t draw?

So part of why we even have this kind of a comparison to make already is that I was obsessive about having as much buffer as possible. Because I can’t produce comics as quickly as I’d like (on average about one a week if my life isn’t hectic) we needed space. Plus I was still working out how everything looked, learning how to draw bunnies, and generally realizing that drawing an ongoing, story-based comic is actually a lot of hard work.

So in October or November of last year, as we were finalizing a lot of the website design and when we’d update and all that I went back and looked at our original comics and they just weren’t up to snuff. Shading wasn’t great, linework wasn’t where it needed to be and I wasn’t drawing them in as high a resolution as I should have been. So I redrew every page, fixing a lot of things, but I made sure to hold onto the originals for just such an occasion. This is a selection of what James and I think are the most drastically different from the original pages.

For the pages that we didn’t upload comparisons for, just imagine the pages we did upload…but like 100% less good.

So this is our last post of Takin’ a Break July. Starting next week it’s back to weekly comic business as usual!

We hope to see you there 🙂



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