Busy Busy Busy: Or Why We Didn’t Update This Week

So, some of you may have noticed that there wasn’t an update this week. “After only 5 pages?” I hear some of you saying, (or maybe it’s just my own inner monologue.) But yes, we didn’t update this week because I have been busy with some extra weekend work for my day job. Weekends are when I tend to do most of my comic work, but I also have a wedding to pay for, so I can’t turn my nose up at paying work.

This extra busy-ness over weekend has the unfortunate side effect of leaving me pretty drained during the week, which also impacts my ability to get pages done. On top of that, I’m getting married in 4 months, and there’s still a decent amount of stuff that needs doing.

Because this extra work is likely going to carry through until the end of the month, maybe a little further, and I don’t want to blow through the buffer I have dealing with this, we’re skipping this week, and will update next week. From there, we’ll be updating every other week until I have my weekends back again.

Ideally this only affects this week, but I wanted to be up front with the plan in case it continues on.

Thanks for understanding



End Chapter Eleven

And that is it! The end of Chapter Eleven. Hope everyone liked it because it’s all you’re getting until 2019!

We’re taking the holidays off to spend some more time with our families, get some more things drawn and done, and hopefully keep the momentum going with our plans to put things into a better direction. We’re really pivoting with this chapter. Personally I really liked the parable about Kazuo and his aimless questing to various towns, where he beats up of random bad guys. Yuki is a good friend. In a way it’s sort of indicative of our process of deciding where we want to go next. We don’t want to just be hundreds of pages of one guy beating up other guys, you know?

But where it goes from here I don’t even know. Jimmy’s working on what’s coming next now.

Until then, thank you, and we’ll see you in 2019.