Happy June!

Hey all! How was your May?

Ours was PACKED.

First and foremost, Jimmy graduated Grad School! Finally! It feels like he’s been in college for as long as I’ve known him…because he has. We also got to see two of our best friends get married, which was amazing.

I finished my finals for my latest college semester, which took FOREVER, had some family stuff come up,  bought a Nintendo Switch, and got a new job!

…which I’m still kind of feeling out, and dealing with the commute and the ways it impacts my daily life.

So…I’m gonna need another week before we can get the updates going again. With everything that went down in May I just didn’t get to as much as I wanted to. Gotta get one more page finished in the backlog is all.

Once it’s done we’ll be off to the races!

So watch this space,