Goin’ On Triiiiiiips

Which means a short little break.

What’s up guys? So as we speak James is in the Land of the Rising Sun, our setting and inspiration, Japan for some sightseeing, experiencing a new country, and a linguistics conference. He’s spent some time in Kyoto, and I believe will be staying in Tokyo for a spell as well. I hope to see so so so many pictures when he gets back, and I’ll encourage him to do one of his once-or-twice-a-year posts talking about his trip.

I’m also leaving the country (for the first time) to go to Ireland next Wednesday as well. Since, no matter how freaking hard I try I can never seem to get a week or two ahead for exactly this reason, there probably won’t be any new pages until August 23rd. I’m going to still try to get the page I’m working on now (which you can see the bones of at our Instagram page) up for the 8th. But there’ll be a bit of a lag once I get back for getting the last couple pages of this chapter out.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about it. Once we’re both back I’m sure we’ll have cool pictures and things to show you from our trips.

Thank you, as always for your continued support,