One month!


Hey, did you know that we had an update every Wednesday in January! That might not seem like a big deal, but I think it’s a pretty huge landmark.

Currently, I’m working on writing some chapters that are going to appear around September that I’m very happy with. The writing process is typically sort of a pain for me, because school is frequently very busy. This month, however, we have had five cancelled days due to weather, which opens up all sorts of free time for me. So, in addition to writing, I’ve also been reading, gaming, and watching movies.

Recently, I read Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams, which I highly recommend (it’s under 150 pages), and Judd Winick’s Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned.

Train Dreams is a novella that follows a man in the American West in the start of the 20th century after he loses his family. He lives out his life, deciphering the broader changing world, as well as his own dreamlike existence. Each chapter is a unique chapter in the life of the protagonist, and the story is full of bizarre turns.

Winick is a cartoonist who is known for being on The Real World: San Francisco, and the story is about his friendship with another housemate, AIDS educator Pedro Zamora. While Winick considers himself “a bedwetting liberal” he is still unnerved when he finds out he will be living with someone who is HIV positive. It is a beautiful story, and an excellent look at the bond between two people. I haven’t read anything with such human, real characters, in quite some time. Despite it being autobiographical, the story of sharing such a close bond is something that I feel speaks to many people.

Enjoy the comic, folks. I’ll be back to plug more books I like real soon.