In Other News…

So I think the whole idea of a blog is kind of a foreign concept for me. ¬†They evoke that kind of mindset from when I was in high school where everyone had a Xanga or a MySpace page. But all the posts were about how the world didn’t understand us and the only friends we had were our Xanga friends. Then we grew up a bit and found out later that our Xanga friends were bot accounts and that Tom guy was friends with everyone. It’s a mindset I need to get past.

It shouldn’t be a problem. I wrote about video games as a freelancer for a year and never had a problem getting up a couple articles and/or game reviews a week. But that’s purposeful writing. I can do that for the same reason I could write essays in school. Writing like this is purposeful but for a different reason. It’s writing to connect with people the same way we hope the comic connects with people. But when I think about writing something up to coincide with a new page I always get stopped by that same feeling. So to do this, I’m going to fall back on old habits and write about video games. Because.

So I don’t get a lot of time to play video games anymore. Ask Jimmy, I’m pretty notoriously bad at beating games. I still haven’t beaten Ni No Kuni and that came out a year ago. Between my day job and drawing the comic and other social obligations the time just isn’t there like it used to be. But I just managed to beat Burial at Sea, the first episodic DLC for Bioshock Infinite. Without spoiling anything for either Burial at Sea or Infinite (sure it’s almost a year old, but that’s still a big ending to spoil) I’m really excited for Episode Two. Normally I’m not such a huge fan of “What if!?” DLC. I find that it rarely adds anything to the game and the worst DLC is just a pointless cashgrab. But Burial at Sea feels really interesting and the way they’ve modified parts of the world of Infinite to fit within the confines of the original Bioshock really appeals to me. I love the new design of the Sky Hook and I think the first Bioshock would have been a lot more interesting with that gameplay mechanic already in it. It clocks in at about 3 hours and in that time it’s nice to see the devolution of Rapture. We’ve seen it already broken and it was one of the most awe inspiring locations in a video game. But then Bioshock 2 made us go back and it was the same, just…worse. Something set on the cusp of the fall of Rapture would have been far better from a storytelling perspective, so it’s nice to see them going there this time.

Now back to playing Borderlands 2 in my free time…

Back to that original idea of connecting with people: In the Year of the Rabbit is officially old enough for social media! We’re going to work on getting it integrated into the site as soon as possible but for now you can find us on Facebook and Twitter! Like and Share and Skywrite and tell strangers all about how much you love us!

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I think that’s all for now…yeah. Yeah that’s it.