That Hat…

Man, I hate that hat.

Starting out I had no real concept of what our hero would look like. Having to keep the look we left the first chapter with, I continued to resort to ye olde “face hidden by convenient hat” trope. Then I finally hammered down how our hero looks and subsequently I started hating his hat.

Anyway, that hat changes shape like 9 times between now and the end of this chapter. I’m glad it’ll be gone soon. My revenge will be swift and decisive.

So I bought a PS4 this week. Subsequently I now know the situation other PS4 owners are in — there’s literally nothing worth playing…yet.

As astute readers of the “About” page will already be aware, I’m a massive Metal Gear: Solid fan. My purchasing of the next generation of systems is typically heralded by the coming of a new MGS or thoroughly motivated by the promise that one’s coming. Combine an upcoming Metal Gear with news that systems may be hard to find until April, and well, I found one and bought it. Sure, I’ve still got some time to wait, but I bought a PS3 and choked down Resistance: Fall of Man (a decent first person shooter that doesn’t really do anything interesting story-wise, but oh man are those weapons fun) for MONTHS before something worth it came along. The first Uncharted game, I think. Sony didn’t really think their PS3 launch line up through…like at all.

But not this time. Oh no. Sony has their shit together this time. Not only is the (supposedly anemically short) Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes coming out in about 2 weeks, Infamous: Second Son comes out 3 days later. You couldn’t have picked 2 better games to directly target me with. Open world stealth and open world superpowers. It’s like Sony is watching me.

I’m actually feeling less general malaise about this purchase than I did when I went from PS2 to PS3 (you’re sensing a theme here, yes I’m a Sony fanboy.) There are so many noticeable improvements between the PS3 and PS4 that I’m actually not using my PS3 more. The interface is better, being able to bounce between apps is nice, especially when Netflix and Hulu will hold your place while you go send someone a message or confirm a download or something. Even the games I do have (Resogun, Flower, Super Motherload) are more enjoyable and more the kind of game I need. Things I can put down for an hour while I draw and pick right back up again. Overall, I’m really happy I made the purchase, even if now I’m just chomping the bit for Metal Gear…

If anyone out there has a PS3 or PS4 and wants to add me as a friend, leave your PSN in the comments. We’ll play some Borderlands 2 or something! Jimmy and I both have PS3’s and I’ve got a PS4.



p.s. this post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Sony…but I wouldn’t be opposed to that 😀

EDIT: 2/28

So, uh…well. So I hadn’t played Super Motherload yet, when I wrote this. My assessment that it was a good in-between-comic-drawing game was based mostly on knowing the kind of game it is but not having actually played it. Then I remembered a little flash game I played years ago called Motherload that kept me up for 8 hours while I was visiting my brother at College. This is the same game…only better. It ate up 5 hours of my life last night. I may never draw the comic again as long as this game exists.

This might be problematic.