So, this is the last page of the month, the last page of the arc and the last page of the story of our Samurai and his Bunny until August!

But don’t worry! We’ve got some cool content for you for July. We’re introducing a new character, we’re going to have some behind the scenes stuff, and we’re going to show you guys what the first arc looked like before I learned how to draw!

But we also want to engage with you guys. We know we’ve got people who read us pretty frequently and while there’s a good chance they’re our friends and family (Hi Mom!) there’s also a good chance that they’re complete strangers so, we want to open the floor to everybody! Ask. Us. Anything!

If you’ve got questions, we want to answer them! Whether you’re someone who just started reading this week or you know Jimmy and I personally, if you’ve got a question we want to answer it for you. Doesn’t have to do with the comic? I don’t care, I’ll still try to answer it for you. Just because we’re taking a break from our main story next month doesn’t mean I don’t want to be busy drawing and talking to you guys. There’s a bunch of ways you can ask us stuff too!

  • email us at IntheYearoftheRabbit [at] gmail [dot] com — Jimmy and I will both see it and probably both try to answer it at the same time*
  • leave a post on our Facebook wall — You’ve gotta “Like” us first,┬ábut it’s cool. We want to be your friend!
  • Tweet us! You can tweet the comic @ITYOTR_Comic or you can tweet me directly @InstantEvil and use the hashtag #ITYOTRAMA — The comic twitter account is managed by me and James and sometimes James’ wife, Kate. so someone will see it.
  • Finally, you can just leave a comment right here on this blog. You’ve gotta sign up with WordPress, but we’ll see it!

The volume of questions that come in will determine how we respond. If there’s a solid turn out we’ll probably hold onto them and post answers on the blog once or twice a week. If we get like…a TON of questions (I’m not really anticipating that, but you never know) we’ll probably be more likely to answer them in a video once a week instead, because why not?

The point of this is that we know you’re out there and we want to talk to you! We want to know what’s on your mind.

I’m really looking forward to this, so let’s see what you’ve got!



*If you opt to email us, we super duper promise that we’ll never ever email you unwanted spammy crap. We’ll probably respond to you via email, but that’s the extent of what your email address would be used for. Promise!