Destiny. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you and yet….I hate you.

I love Destiny. I hate that I love it. But I do.

When Destiny began I was excited, like everyone else. I took great care in creating my Hunter, and this character is my personification in this universe. I took her through the story, got her leveled up to 20 and then discovered the light system. The devious machine by which Destiny keeps you playing.

The Light system represents every reason why I’ve never played MMO’s. It’s ridiculously manipulative. The Light mechanic forces you to grind and grind and grind for the promise of better gear and weapons with more Light that lets you increase your level and therefore access more content that will inevitably force you to continue to grind.  Once you’re at max level and there are no more worlds to conquer, Destiny becomes a job until the developers release expansions that really only add more things to grind on. I’m almost ashamed to say that I STILL get excited when a blue or, dare I hope, purple engram springs out of the corpses of my enemies even though I know it’s highly unlikely that it’ll be anything worth keeping. But you gotta keep grinding. Because you might get better stuff.

It’s so stupid,  and yet, as we speak, James is running a character I made yesterday to get him to level 20 while I’m stuck at work. I made another Hunter and managed to get him up to level 7 yesterday, with Jimmy doing the rest of the work today. But there’s no love for this new Hunter. He is just a tool. The express purpose of this character is to farm Strange Coins. So that when I get home from work I can give him all of the gear my OTHER hunter is wearing to buff him up to level 29, and Jimmy and I can run that Weekly Strike again so that I can have enough Strange Coins to purchase Patience and Time from Xür.

Engrams. Weekly Strikes. Strange Coins. Patience and Time. Xür. Things that only make sense if you’re playing Destiny too.

On a podcast James and I were recently on (that should be available any day now,) we joked that we’re both hate-playing Destiny. But I think this little exercise in madness has really cemented the “hate” part of that for me. I mean, I know that if James should succeed, when I get home I’m going to gleefully run through the strike, get my coins, and prance up to Xür to buy what is basically the most badass sniper rifle in the entire game. And I’ll use it and use it, and use it and use it. But I also think this means I’ve officially given up a small piece of myself to the gnashing teeth of Destiny’s machine.

Maybe it’s time to finally beat Shadow of Mordor…




Update 2:33am: We did it. Down to the wire, but we did it. The cycle begins anew.