It was bound to happen.

It was my hope to never need to have this conversation with you. Like a parent dreading the day they have to explain death to their child, or have “the talk” with them, all the while knowing it has to happen eventually, so too did I dread this inevitability. 

We’re going on hiatus.

It’s not uncommon for webcomics to go on hiatus, even the big guys do it every now and then. And hey, we made it a year and a half solid! I’m really damn proud of that. But it was going to happen sooner or later. 

It’s my fault. Jimmy writes and is pretty good at getting me scripts when I need them, but I make the pretty pictures. No pretty pictures, no comic. Up until the past few months I’ve always been able to work at pace with or faster than we churned them out. But, at 27 I decided it was high time I got myself into college and I decided to take 4 fast-paced online courses and well… Comics started getting published a lot faster than I could draw them. I knew that was going to be a risk, but I needed to take it for the sake of my own future.

But fear not! We WILL NOT be a webcomic lost to time. Jimmy and I both agreed this was the right move to make and we both want to keep telling our story of loss and regret and redemption. Kazuo Saito and Little One will be coming back and it is my hope to start publishing again at the start of August with more buffer to help me out during my next semester than I had for this one.

On top of that, we’ve begun super early work on a new project, something way different that we hope to share as a complete story down the line somewhere. I’ll post little bits of art for it when I get around to it. In the Year of the Rabbit takes trip priority, though.

In the mean time I’d like to open the floor to you guys. Anybody out there wanna draw some fan art? Or a guest comic? Or even if you’ve just got something you’d like to say, drop us a line at intheyearoftherabbit [at] gmail [dot] com. I know it’ll help me feel a little better about leaving you, and the comic, in the sad place it’s in at the end of Chapter 7. 

Thanks for understanding