End of Chapter Eight — Stuff’s going on!

So that was a ride, huh? Man.

I wonder what it’s like to have this guy sweep into your life, all because you tried to do the right thing and didn’t want them to die in the forest, and have all of this chaos come because of it.

Hell I wonder what it’s like to BE that guy. Can’t be easy to have pain and destruction wash onto everyone you run across in life. I really hope things start getting better for Kaz and Little One soon.

You might notice the last panel changes in a really subtle way. There’s a little bit of color now. We decided early on that color was important. That it would be used when it meant something, and that meaning overlaps onto the entire comic. Color isn’t just for flashbacks and when we’re in the spiritual world, but you’ll see more and more of it as Kazuo grows as a person. Pay attention to color as you read the comic, or re-read it, you’ll see more little moments like this.

So starting with Chapter Eight, we’re going to be taking month long breaks after each chapter. We’re doing this for a few reasons. First off, I started school again this week and I know I’ll need some extra time to get schoolwork done. Second, I want to focus on building our buffer back up. I’ve been drawing a page a week. Scrambling in some cases to get the comic up on a weekly basis, and I feel like the quality of the art has suffered in some ways because of it and I don’t want that to be the precedent going forward. Third, I’d like to get some merch made, maybe. We had that contest a year ago (I’m getting to that, actually) and I’d like to get some more shirts and things made for those of you that may want that kind of thing.

So speaking of those shirts. For those just joining us, we did a contest last year based around people sharing our updates on Facebook and retweeting on Twitter, and winners were chosen for these shirts. And shirts were made but they…they’re not great. We got them printed at the end of May, and they just were not of a quality I wanted associated with the comic. I don’t know if it’s how I laid the designs out, or if it was how they were printed, but they just didn’t come out well. Print inconsistencies, and random dye splotches and…they just weren’t what I hoped for. I had hoped that I’d be able to get replacements created in time, but then I lost my job and I’m just now starting to get back on my feet. So! I have all of the info for the winners, and if I have your contact info you’ll be hearing from me in the next week or so. You all have the patience of saints and angels…Or you just forgot about it because it was a free shirt. Who knows?

Regardless, thank you. Those of you that have been reading since day one (hi mom!) and those of you who have found us through other means, we appreciate you.

See you all in a month!