Update! I’m Being Killed by School!

Sooo…you may have noticed the comic hasn’t started back up this month like it was planned to…


But I wanted to update you all on the current status of all things. So! Thing One: Comic — it’s coming. I’m working on it slowly but surely, but unfortunately the whole “going to school full time, having a full time job” thing makes it difficult to find enough hours in the day. I picked classes that have due dates that fall throughout the week, because of course I did. I feel like I could almost handle it better if it was all on one or two days each week, but it’s nearly every day I need to be doing, reading, turning in, or writing something. I may just resolve to update the comic as pages are finished until I’m done with school sometime around mid-May. My only concern is that Quality might dip. So instead, we may be pushing the hiatus back until June. We’ll see.

Website: Looks old. It was purpose built and we’re working to make it better. If anyone out there wants to help, feel free to contact us!

Merch: Workin’ on it. Don’t wanna just make shirts, wanna make cool shirts.

Pardon our dust and thank you for your patience and understanding.