The Further Adventures of The Merchant!

So if you’ve been reading since the first year, you probably recognize that flail. It’s from one of our first, and probably most cluttered comics, where The Merchant trades it for a glowing egg (it’s probably a dragon egg, shhhh) and walks off.

If you’re especially eagle-eyed you may remember seeing it in a flashback from last year. Well this is how he got his weird little hands on it. I think the idea for li’l Merchy is that grave robbing was a pretty common profession in this era, and many times graves and battles would be pillaged for armor and weapons that could be sold illegally.

So he’s a magic thief. Taking things of interest and trading them with people who might have need of them. Or ramen bowls. We’re not entirely sure there’s a rhyme or reason for it yet 😛

We’ll be back next week with Chapter 10

Thank you