The Adventures of The Merchant

Nothing’s wrong with your browser. We just published a smaller, way more active comic today because for the first time in 5 years I don’t have a script to draw from.

But considering this is the first time Jimmy’s ever missed a script “deadline” (really I just give him a heads up when I’m almost done with the current story and he types up whatever’s next in his outline) and I’ve missed entire months worth of updates, I decided I’d just write my own comic today.

This happened because I was thinking at work the other day, Jimmy and I created The Merchant to be this sort of go-between for spirits and humans, and so he kind of wanders around the spirit world and the mortal world just…collecting stuff. But it can’t all be stuff that nobody wants. There’s gotta be some stuff in his weird little compartment of mystery that isn’t on the up and up. Like Raijin’s favorite ramen bowl which he took….for reasons.

So I think we’re going to make a little series called The Adventures of The Merchant, where he wanders around stealing mystical trinkets whenever I don’t have time to get a full page or, in this case, I don’t have a script yet.

Will there be another next week? Who knows!?

As always, thank you



p.s. we’ve got a store now, ya know?