Break Month!

Break Month Protocol: Activate

You guys know the drill. We update for 6 months, we take the 7th month at reduced capacity so I can get some more buffer built up, and in this case, so I can also finish my classes for this semester.

That’s right! Since October, with a few small exceptions, we’ve put something up every week,¬†while¬†I’ve been a full time student and had a full-time job. I’m kind of exhausted and kind of proud of myself. Especially considering the school-related delays of the past.

What can you expect? What do we want from you?

Well because we’re in the middle of a story, for the month of May we’ll be updating on the 10th (my birthday, actually) and the 24th (fun fact: my dad’s birthday) and the intervening weeks will be spent building buffer, designing shirts, and maybe doing some kind of behind-the-scenes stuff.

Here’s where you come in. For the month of May (really any time, but we like to showcase it during our break month) We’d love to hear from you guys. Have a question about the comic? Ask! Have some adorable bunny fan art? We’d love to see it! Want to know why in episode BF12 we were battling barbarians riding a wing-ed Apaloosa, yet in the very next scene we’re clearly atop a wing-ed Rabian? A wizard did it. But great question. The point is we’d love to hear from you!

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Watch this space.