Takin’ a Break

What’s up guys? So as you may recall, back in August Jimmy and I were both out of the country for a little bit. He was in Japan, and I went to Ireland, and I think this time away lead to some introspection for us. When we got back we had some real talk, and we’re both feeling a little creatively burnt out with Buncom.

We both still love making it. Jimmy’s working on the next script, but he’s hit a bit of a block, so we’re going to take a break. We haven’t really decided for how long, but I think at minimum it’ll be through the holidays. We’ve talked about doing other, more serial stories both in and out of the universe of In the Year of the Rabbit. So we may work on something like that instead. We may just do our own things for a little while. I’ve wanted to redesign our website for quite some time as well. Maybe a break will give me the time to actually do that. Who knows? Regardless we’ll be back once we’re relaxed and refocused.

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading this. Thanks you for your support. You can keep an eye on us here, on Facebook, and on Instagram at @ityotrcomic and @InstantEvil1

So watch this space.