We’re Not Dead.

*blows away dust and cobwebs*

*cough* Hey everyone.

Just wanted to write up a quick update letting you know that we’re not dead. The comic isn’t cancelled. we’re not quitting. Jimmy’s been working on scripts and I’ve been working on pages. We just want to get as far ahead as we can so that, even if Life..uh…[gets in the] way, we don’t wind up needing to take a hiatus like this again for awhile.

We’ve got 4 pages in the pipeline right now, for two different chapters, (one of which will be completely written and drawn by me…so that’s new,) and we’re working on creating and keeping to a timeline of events. We felt like we were getting into a bit of a “Kazuo goes to a village, gets attacked/finds bad guys/gets into fight” rut, and we wanted to get out. We really want to get into the meat of the story. We’ve had a back story, and some other ideas that we’ve been kicking around for a few years, and we think it’s time we got into them. 
There will always be fights, and bad guys, but we also want to get into some of the Why’s, and we hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thanks for sticking with us. Tell your friends.