In the Year of the Rabbit follows the adventures of Kazuo Saito, a forlorn and dishonored samurai and his only companion, a snow-white rabbit, as they travel through Edo period Japan in search of answers.  All around them, Japan is transforming culturally and socially. The arts, and sciences are flourishing, and the days of warfare are disappearing. As Kazuo stays his blade in this new era, he wanders dreamscapes filled with spirits and demons, trying to make sense of the images in his head. How are Kazuo and his rabbit tied to the visions? How do the visions shape the reality around them? While an empire flourishes, Kazuo Saito walks an often violent, mystical path that he hopes will guide him to his answers and his salvation.


Shortly after this picture was taken, I was tossed back out in the street and told not to come back until I knew how to draw

Tyler Anderson is the artist for the comic. He stresses out over deadlines, scrambles to draw pages at the last minute, runs all of the comic social media, and works night and day to perfect his ability to draw cute bunnies. When he isn’t drawing comics, he is an avid guitar player, enjoys video games (feel free to talk Metal Gear with him), and transforming iconic characters into VW vans. He lives near Chicago, Illinois.

You can also find him on Behancewhere he draws things or Twitter where he routinely forgets he has an account.

James Major is the writer for the comic, creating characters, storylines, and locations for our heroes to encounter. When he isn’t writing, he is working on a degree in history at Northeastern Illinois University. He also enjoys video games, film, and hangs out with his own rabbit. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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