Tyler will happily answer your questions, absorb your criticism and take your commission requests via email at: tandersongraphics [at] gmail [dot] com We have to format it like that otherwise the internet will spam him.

Twitter — @InstantEvil

Portfolio — Coming Soon. Basically, Tyler spends so much time drawing the comic that he doesn’t always get the ability to draw other stuff as much as he’d like. If only some kind souls would consider donating.


James doesn’t really have an online presence so much. He is the ghost in the machine. He used to have a Twitter account, but it’s long lain dormant, waiting for his 140 character musings.

He does occasionally check the comic email which you can find at intheyearoftherabbit [at] gmail [dot] com Which we again have to format in a silly way to prevent various internet automatons from catching on.

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