Interludes: The Merchant

Interludes – The Merchant pt 1

The Merchant (and other tales)

I have been busy, and Tyler has been asking me to write something here for a really long time. I graduated from my university, got married, went to Denmark and the Netherlands for a few weeks, and then came back here to a new apartment. Hectic, mostly awesome.

This dude. This is my favorite example of a creative team. We call him the merchant, for reasons that will be more clear next week, but here’s how he came to be:

Tyler: I drew this thing.

James: I’ll write a story for him.


So, this fellow is the merchant, and if you’ve been reading our comic so far, you’re aware that there are some things that are colorful, but it’s a black and white world. What if there was a character that could exist between these worlds? Maybe the better question is what the difference is between the color world and our protagonist’s world? You’ll find out more as the story goes on (the merchant tale is only a two parter) but you should know when we started this comic, I wanted nothing supernatural or magical at all.

I definitely changed my mind.