From Jimmy’s wife Kate:

We lost our best friend today.

He’d been sick for a long time, but, like fighters before him, he fought. He woke up every morning and bounded down the hallway to sit with me in the bathroom while I showered. He sat on the couch with Jimmy and played video games. He rammed his fluffy little head into our hand so we would scritch him.

But, he was sick. He was losing control of his bodily functions, and he was tired. Too tired. He lost a ton of weight (almost 2 pounds, which is a lot when your starting weight is 5 pounds). He ground his teeth together: a sign of pain.

We let our best friend go today.

It was time. He fought for so long, and he deserved to die with dignity, with compassion. He was only 6.

It feels unfair, and yet, we had such an amazing life with him. We were privileged to be his friends, and we did everything we could to give him a badass bunny life.

We will miss him every single day, and he will never leave our hearts.

To you, Trouble. You’re the fucking best.

Professor Wilhelm Trouble Bunnington