End Chapter Eleven

And that is it! The end of Chapter Eleven. Hope everyone liked it because it’s all you’re getting until 2019!

We’re taking the holidays off to spend some more time with our families, get some more things drawn and done, and hopefully keep the momentum going with our plans to put things into a better direction. We’re really pivoting with this chapter. Personally I really liked the parable about Kazuo and his aimless questing to various towns, where he beats up of random bad guys. Yuki is a good friend. In a way it’s sort of indicative of our process of deciding where we want to go next. We don’t want to just be hundreds of pages of one guy beating up other guys, you know?

But where it goes from here I don’t even know. Jimmy’s working on what’s coming next now.

Until then, thank you, and we’ll see you in 2019.



A Review

So, this blog stays mostly dormant, only really updating those of you that read it on when we’re taking breaks, or when there’s new merchandise, and I don’t really want that to be the transaction between us. So I’m going to endeavor to write more stuff here, treat it more like a blog. Talk about life, stuff I’ve been up to, etc. I’m going to encourage Jimmy to do the same.

So lately, as in for the past month, basically, in between the comic and wedding planning, I’ve been playing the new Spider-Man game. I actually used to review games “professionally” for a penny-per-click website way back in the day, and I really enjoyed it. Spider-Man kind of inspired me to do this again. So I did. It’s rambly, and maybe incoherent, but I did it.

When I read some of the preliminary reviews of Marvel’s Spider-Man, out now on PS4, almost all of them say in some way that “you feel like Spider-Man.” Which seems to be the least you should expect from a game centered around the wall crawler. But having now done literally everything in the game, it’s an apt if cliche statement. Beware Spoilers.

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